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If folks miss the North so much, they should return

Editor: In regard to the article of Oct. 22 about local delivery of the New York Post:

Why, if people in Spring Hill miss that city so much, don't they just move back there?

All they have done is ruin a once-beautiful and tranquil county. Hernando County was once a decent place to live in.

Northern people are destroying this state in more ways than one.

Gary Bogard


How about a law to limit

number of political signs

Editor: I hope that by next year's election we can have a law for one name per candidate at designated intersections all across the state.

Hernando County rates No. 1 in disgusting political signs. Make Hernando beautiful for once. This also applies to junkyards and abandoned buildings.

It should not be too hard to make this a law. It sure is simple for some others.

Clem Johnson

Spring Hill

Task force is needed

to look into EMS

Editor: In regard to to County Commissioner Tony Mosca Jr.'s letter of Oct. 25:

I find myself both agreeing with and taking issue with his comments. Research on the Hernando County Emergency Medical Service situation has been done, and I see no one yet who is taking anything out of context.

The situation in Hernando needs to be re-evaluated and something needs to be done. True, we now have nice, new ambulances, but they are county property, and had there been fewer hassles with the previous provider, new units would have been here anyway.

And true, response times are down. But decreasing response times to the Brooksville area by moving outlying units in closer is leaving the Ridge Manor and Hernando Beach areas uncovered.

I applaud Mr. Mosca for calling for a task force to reassess the needs and their solutions. But this task force should consist almost entirely of medical people and others who are not position holders in the current system.

There are many fully trained and qualified individuals living here who can bring many years of experience to the task force.

Those representing the current providers to this county should only be invited to present their views and their plans for the county, giving the members a chance to hear all sides. If it is better and cheaper for a private concern to provide emergency services to Hernando residents. Then invitations to bid should be sent out to many leaders in the emergency profession, not just one.

There are many such companies that are more experienced and have proven track records that would suit this county's needs. We just need to look toward Pinellas County for one of them. I would be proud and honored to serve on any such task force and know many others who also would.

Whoever wins the County Commission elections, take the ball and run with it. The time has come for a real look at Hernando's emergency system.

L. Douglas Brown Jr.

Florida state paramedic

Spring Hill