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"Leisure time is one of those things I've failed at."

_ Fred Karl, who "retired" from his position as Hillsborough County administrator to become chief executive at Tampa General Hospital.

"Do you have any feelings ... pro-possum or anti-possum?"

_ Assistant State Attorney Jan McDonald, to a prospective juror in the trial of Tampa lawyer Manny Machin, charged with cruelty to animals in the shooting deaths of a pair of possums rooting around his yard.

"These guys were like hired hit men."

_ San Francisco 49ers safety Tim McDonald, complaining about "dirty play" by members of the Tampa Bay Bucs. The 49ers eked out a 41-16 win.

"Do we want to be known as having the most prison beds in America and the least educated population? That's where we're headed."

_ Charles Reed, chancellor of the Florida university system, on the state's trend toward spending more on prisons and less on education.

"Victor Crist's talking about immigration reform is like (Oregon) Sen. Bob Packwood sponsoring legislation to stop sexual harassment in the workplace."

_ District 60 House challenger Mary Figg, on incumbent Victor Crist's call for immigration reform after he used his influence to help get a green card for his girlfriend, an illegal alien for eight years.

"Some of the most enlightened social thinking ever in the United States took place in this little cigar town in Florida, the last place people would expect something like that to happen."

_ New York playwright Mac Wellman, who wrote the play Why the Y?, discussing the inspiration he discovered in the history of Ybor City.

"I do not want to be responsible for leaving a debt to my daughter and to her kids."

_ Tampa City Council member Eddie Caballero, one of four council members whose votes killed a plan to use $141-million in city-backed bonds to build a 905-room Convention Center hotel.