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Palm Harbor community center will drain pocketbooks

Re: "Community center effort trudges on," Oct. 23.

I am one of the thousands of Palm Harbor residents who feels the scattered opposition to the community center should come together to defeat this referendum. In a day where we seem to be bombarded with special interest groups, we need to say, "No!"

We are already in the process of building Palm Harbor University High School at a cost of more than $27.5-million. If the special interest groups cannot negotiate an adequate meeting facility within this complex, they obviously lack leadership and vision.

I have no desire to have my taxes increased to fund dances, dinners or receptions.

I urge the voters of Palm Harbor to say no to a project that will continue to come back to your pocketbook every year.

Daniel P. Harrison

Palm Harbor

Dedicated worker honored

Re: "Employee's death needed to be duly noted," Oct. 12 letter.

Cynthia Propheter's funeral was just as it should have been. Cynthia wasn't a sworn police officer; her funeral wasn't handled by the Fraternal Order of Police. Her final resting place is less than a quarter mile from the chapel where the service was held. Traffic was halted long enough for the vehicles to cross the road.

Cynthia was honored by those who worked with her as civilians and as police officers. Although she was not technically a member of the police union, the FOP did organize and staff an honor guard at her viewing and at her funeral. The police chaplain officiated at the funeral. The deputy chief offered a eulogy. Members of police departments and sheriffs' offices from all over the state attended. Fellow supervisors and co-workers were her pallbearers. Flowers appeared from all over the nation. The FOP took care of the reception after the funeral.

Cynthia was awarded for her expertise in communications. She received awards from the department and from her peers. She was the first to lend a helping hand and the last to seek recognition. Cynthia developed the entire training system for the police communications workers. If you have had occasion to call the Clearwater Police Department or if you have need to call in the future, you have benefited or will benefit from Cynthia's dedication.

The Clearwater Police Department and the city of Clearwater assisted Cynthia's family in every way possible. They continue to be a tremendous support.

Cynthia was loved and respected by the entire Police Department. I know her laugh, her smile and her abilities will be missed. She was not only my professional peer, co-worker and best friend, she was my sister.

Henry H. Propheter


Another great Jazz Holiday

We of the "south side of the sound stage" (now up to 50-75 Jazz Holiday regulars) wish to express our sincere appreciation to the city of Clearwater, the Jazz Holiday volunteers and to the Clearwater Jazz Holiday sponsors for another truly magnificent Jazz Holiday.

We would like you all to know that because of your efforts, life is beautiful here in Clearwater. This event is the highlight of the year for all of us Jazz Holiday regulars, and this year was the best Jazz Holiday ever. The only thing that could improve it is for Al Santana's prediction of a 24-hour jazz radio station in the Tampa Bay area to be realized.

Marilyn Timpanaro


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