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Civil War souvenirs

Twenty Civil War stamps are soon to be released by the U.S. Postal Service.

Seen on some of these stamps are such Civil War notables as President Abraham Lincoln, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Also featured are memorable battles at Gettysburg, Shiloh and Chancellorsville.

The U.S. Postal Service says you can purchase a souvenir edition, hardcover Civil War book featuring exciting stories, colorful illustrations and two full panes of the 20 stamps.

Call (800) 782-6724 or send $29.95 plus $4.20 for shipping and handling to: Civil War Book Offer, U.S. Postal Service, Post Office Box 419219, Kansas City, MO 64141-6219. Allow six weeks for delivery.

The Postal Service says this offer will expire July 1, 1996, or when supplies run out.

Royal mail

"Peace and Freedom" is the theme of five new stamps issued by Great Britain's Royal Mail. These stamps commemorate the victorious end of World War II in Europe, the 125th birthday of the British Red Cross and the 50th anniversary of the formation of the United Nations.

Three of the stamps feature designs using stylized hands to symbolize peace and freedom. The other two stamps capture the moments of joy celebrating the end of World War II.

A new 19 pence showing a stylized pair of hands symbolizes the role of the British Red Cross providing impartial care to people in crisis, at home and abroad, in peace or wartime.

A 25 pence, featuring a dove and outstretched hand, portrays the concept of human freedom, the absence of which is often the cause of conflict, says the Royal Mail.

A 30 pence uses a pair of hands to symbolize the world at peace with itself, a goal of the United Nations since its formation in 1945.

The two stamps celebrating the end of World War II are based on photographs taken 50 years ago. A 19 pence illustrates British troops surrounded by happy civilians at the liberation of Paris, while a 25 pence pictures a floodlit St. Paul's Cathedral in London with searchlights forming a Victory "V."

These stamps are the Royal Mail's contribution to the 1995 Europa theme of "Peace and Freedom." Many other countries in Europe also released similar stamps based on this theme.

The stamps of Great Britain are available at your local dealer.

Kites in Israel

Kite flying is a popular pastime in Israel. Each year there are several important kite flying events, usually during religious festivals. On these occasions many different types of kites fill the air.

In recognition of the growing interest, Israel has issued a

sheetlet of nine vertical 1.00 shekel stamps. Part of the sheetlet is a se-tenant (attached) strip of three different stamps depicting various kites from ancient Chinese times to present-day designs.

Also released by Israel is a special 1.00 shekel stamp and a 2.50 shekel souvenir sheet commemorating the end of World War II in Europe and the liberation of the infamous Nazi concentration camps.

The 1.00 shekel depicts three survivors of the concentration camp at Dachau after its liberation by American troops. The souvenir sheet shows a larger portion of the photo seen on the 1.00 shekel stamp but includes a picture of a butterfly drawn by Eva Bolba when she was imprisoned in the Theresien camp. She was later transferred to Auschwitz and killed on Oct. 4, 1944.

The stamps of Israel are available at your local dealer.

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