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Horses, hoofs and hot metal

Published Oct. 4, 2005

(ran E edition)

Farrier Bill Reed uses a file, above, to rasp the points of sharp nails Thursday after fitting Beans, a quarter horse, with a custom shoe at the Head and Heel Ranch in Largo. Watching in the background is Amy Benedict, 14, who owns Beans. The shoe was applied hot to ensure a perfect fit to the horse's hoof. This hoof took special care; it was operated on after Beans hurt it by stepping on a nail. Reed, shown at left, shod 11 horses Thursday. He travels the state to shoe 70 to 100 horses in a six-day week.

HOT WAX TREATMENT: A quarter horse named Beans has his hoof sealed with hot wax after being fitted with a shoe by farrier Bill Reed. The wax will help keep out moisture.