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Man asks for leniency, gets two years in prison

The bleeding, naked woman crawled out of a ditch and flagged down a car to flee from Andrew Evans.

At Evans' trial last month, however, the woman could offer only sparse memories of a night of heavy drinking. She said Evans offered to drive her home but crashed the car, chased her down and ripped off her clothes.

He beat her till she blacked out, she testified. When she came to, she ran for the headlights.

Evans' defense attorney, J. Larry Hart, pointed out at the trial that the woman had never told detectives the full version the jurors heard. The jury declined to fully rely on her testimony.

That was a break for Evans, 26, who had been facing life in prison if convicted of the kidnapping and attempted-rape charges. Instead, Evans was found guilty of two lesser charges _ false imprisonment, a third-degree felony, and battery, a misdemeanor.

At his sentencing Friday, Evans asked the judge to let him go home.

In a written statement, Evans apologized for harming the woman, even though "I don't remember what happened to this day."

Still, he dismissed the possibility the woman's memories could be true. "I am not the monster I have been made out to be," he wrote. ". . . I am not a menace to society and never was."

His 26-year-old victim attended the sentencing but did not speak.

Circuit Judge Craig Villanti was not inclined to give Evans the benefit of the doubt. Testimony at the trial showed that alcohol brought out the dark side of Evans' "Jekyll and Hyde" personality, Villanti said.

"In my mind," Villanti said, "a person like that is a menace to society."

Villanti sentenced Evans to two years in prison, a term in the middle of the state guidelines.

That will be followed by two years of community control, then two years of probation, with conditions that include getting his graduate equivalency diploma and paying for the woman's therapy.