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Mixed reviews for UM column

Published Oct. 4, 2005

Your column on Sports Illustrated stunk. They should disband the rotten football program at the University of Miami, just like the magazine cover said. Who are you to criticize SI?

I love the SI swimsuit issue. I wish they had one every month. What's better in life than sports and girls? By the way, I'd much rather read SI than you. What are you, jealous?

Brad Jensen,


Not me, Brad. I look awful in a swimsuit. Maybe you missed it, but I said some flattering things about SI. My criticisms are shared by many writers from the magazine. Jealous? Of a publication that, once a year, turns to that burning sports question, "What are your measurements?"

Being a Miami alum, it pains me to again hear such negative stuff about my football Hurricanes. I fear some of it has to be true. Like you, I was fooled and disappointed by Dennis Erickson, upon learning of actions taken by UM's coach after he'd said adios and gone to the Seattle Seahawks.

SI had a stupid idea, to disband the program. You've got a far better approach: for all of us old 'Canes to demand that our school's president, Tad Foote, make sure the act is cleaned up. Otherwise he should be asked to clean out his office.

Denise Callahan, St. Petersburg

Push hard, Denise.

Who would be your biggest hero from among Mike Tyson, Darryl Strawberry, Mickey Mantle, Dennis Rodman and O.J. Simpson?

Marilyn Pierce, Largo

Do I get a sixth option?

You forgot how Mickey Mantle played with pain. As one writer said, he was wrapped up like a dummy before every game. Maybe that was his need for some relief. Give old Mick a break.

George Blocker, Tampa

You mean mummy, right? It's a fact, George, about the man's constant pain. Mick was nonetheless a wonderful player. But, considering the Mantle topic of recent weeks, his alcoholic binges and personal shortcomings could not be ignored.

You're somebody I've envied for years. What a life, having experienced so many huge events and top-level sports personalities over the past 30 years plus. People like Lindsey Nelson.

He was my latest hero lost. Your tribute was warm, personal and appropriate. What a great talent, and gentleman. Your Nelson commentary brings one question to mind: is there anyone from among today's sportscasters whom you see growing to where he or she someday deserves such a splendid obituary?

Kenneth Landstock, Sand Key

Lindsey was a pip. As for a 1995-model broadcaster who might evolve to such long-run stature, my first nominee would be Bob Costas.