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Deal with it: No one rules golf

Let me explain something to Bob Harig and the other golf reporters out there. Greg Norman is not Jack Nicklaus. Neither is Nick Price, Fred Couples nor Nick Faldo. All one has to do is look at the many different names on the U.S. Open trophy the past 10 years to realize there is no dominating figure in golf. It is a very difficult sport and just staying in contention from week to week is amazing.

Unfortunately, the media want no part of an "I gave it my best and came up short" statement. Today, it's either 1) you win and receive raves (Corey Pavin), 2) you come in second, so you stink (Greg Norman), or 3) you finished in the pack so you get no mention or ridicule (Nick Price).

The media seem to feel cheated by Norman. If he could win just a few more majors, they could begin some non-stop Michael Jordan-like butt-kissing. I hate to break the news, but there is no Michael Jordan in golf.

Charles L. Albury, Clearwater

U.S. Open wasn't a fair test

For the U.S. Open, the USGA wanted shots in the rough to be penalized.

They were.

It wanted the tournament to be a real test for the world's best golfers.

It was.

What the USGA didn't say was that it didn't want anyone to break par. The wind blew, the greens got hard, the ball rolled or bounced off greens. I have never seen so many good shots penalized.

I don't think it was a fair test. And I'm sure none of the USGA board could have broken 90.

Frank Tyler, Clearwater

Make the Culverhouse estate pay

I don't think permanent seat licenses will ever work in Tampa Bay. I know it won't work with me (a season ticket-holder the past four years in the $400 section). Mostly because of the Bucs' image.

You now have only 30,000 season ticket-holders. How many do you think you'll have if they had to pay (thousands of dollars) for the right to spend $400? Not many.

The group that really should pay half the cost of a new stadium is the Hugh Culverhouse estate. To make $176-million profit on that team is a joke.

Tim Haynes, New Port Richey

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