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Foster loses Senate round

Dr. Henry Foster's nomination as surgeon general appears dead after two successive attempts to end a Senate filibuster against him failed. Identical votes taken Wednesday and Thursday were 57-43, three votes short of the 60 needed to cut off debate.

Foster's critics expressed doubt about not only his suitability for the position of surgeon general, but whether there was a need for the office at all.

Voting to end debate on the Foster nomination: Graham (D).

Voting against: Mack (R).

SPEED LIMITS: In a defeat for highway safety advocates, the Senate Tuesday voted overwhelmingly, 65-35, to end federal speed limits on interstate highways.

Currently, the speed limit on metropolitan-area interstates is 55 miles per hour (mph) and on rural interstates it is 65 mph.

Voting to end federal speed limits: Graham (D), Mack (R).

"DUMB" REGULATIONS: The House on Tuesday easily approved, 271-146, a Republican proposal to create a Corrections Day to purge federal regulations deemed excessive.

Voting to approve the procedure: Bilirakis (R), Canady (R), Fowler (R), Goss (R), Mica (R), Miller (R), Ros-Lehtinen (R), Scarborough (R), Stearns (R), Weldon (R), Young (R).

Voting against: Brown (D), Gibbons (D), Johnston (D), Meek (D), Thurman (D).

Not Voting: Peterson (D), McCollum (R).