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Governor pleads TV show's case

Tennessee's governor isn't talking about a chicken in every pot. He wants the TV show Christy on every set.

Gov. Don Sundquist issued a somewhat unusual plea by "asking all Tennesseans to support the continued broadcast of the television series, Christy," which is filmed in Townsend, Tenn., near the Great Smokies.

The statement didn't mention that Susan Wales, wife of Christy producer Ken Wales, made a $250 contribution to Sundquist's gubernatorial campaign in 1994. His spokeswoman said there was no connection.

"He loves Christy," Elizabeth Carden said. "The governor tries to watch it whenever he is able."

CBS has been shuffling Christy on and off the schedule ever since the show, about a young teacher at an early-century school in the Tennessee mountains, first aired in 1993.

Simpson trial turns his head

Don Hewitt, a longtime supporter of TV in courtrooms, says the O. J. Simpson trial has forced him to reconsider. The executive producer of TV's 60 Minutes, the CBS news magazine, notes in a New York Times op-ed piece that the electronic eye has turned "a murder trial into TV's longest running entertainment special. We've got a movie in which the lead speaks no lines, a blond bombshell turns out to be a man (Kato) and the $5-a-day extras in the jury box keep walking off the set."