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Today's topic: Did you know . . .

The American Bowling Congress turns 100 this year. According to information from the ABC, it was not the sport's first regulatory body, but it was the first American group to overcome internal disputes to emerge as an important, lasting organization. Here are some history notes from information provided by the ABC.

The first ABC tournament took place in 1901. This predates the Rose Bowl Parade, World Series and Indy 500.

In 1928 the ABC enacted a rule requiring "alleys to eject gambling types," and bowlers were warned that any gambling involvement would result in expulsion. In 1976 that rule was virtually eliminated. However, until that time casino properties in Las Vegas and Reno weren't even allowed to sponsor a tournament. The 92nd ABC Championships Tournament was held in Reno in February of this year.

During World War II the military built 4,500 alley beds on bases as a source of recreation.

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