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"Fluke': a good read and a good ride

Summer is a season packed with films aimed at younger folks. This year, five of the summer releases are based on books, so when reviewing a film we've asked members of our X-Team to read the book, see the film, and tell us which they like better. This week, Zac Papantoniou checked out Fluke, which is based on a book of the same title by James Herbert.

Zac, who just finished the seventh grade at South Side Fundamental Middle School in St. Petersburg, likes both books and movies. His preference, he says, depends on his mood that day.

Plot: A workaholic dies and gets reincarnated as a dog; the story focuses on the dog's life, adventures and his journey to find the family that was his when he was a man.

Book rating: A thrilling read!

Film rating: A thrilling ride from start to finish!

Did the movie stay true to the book: No. I didn't like the changes; the book gave more detail.

Would you read the book again: Yes

Would you see the movie again: Yes

Which was better: The book, even though I'd give the movie a "20" on a scale of 10.

Comments: This is one of the best movies I've seen yet! People of all ages would love this movie. Little children might not understand some of the dialogue, and there are some scary scenes in the very beginning and near the end. The movie was great . . . and well worth the money. I especially like the moral of the movie: "Life is to be cherished in every form." I think the book will stay in my mind as long as I live, and I'll want to read it again and again. Trust me, if you like books you just can't put down because they're so good, Fluke is a book for you!