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My mother threw me over a fence

My sister and I were at home getting ready for school one day when I realized my brother had left his lunch on the table. I picked up the lunch and ran to his bus stop to give it to him.

The bus was starting to leave when I got there, but my mom stopped the driver. I gave my brother his lunch and away the bus went.

On our way back home, a dog lunged at my mom and my dog. We started to run, and as we were running, we were throwing things at the dog to make it go away. When we reached the fence around our house, my mom threw my dog over the 5-foot fence, then she threw me, and then she hopped over.

My mom was so busy trying to get the dog to go away, she didn't realize my shoelace caught on the fence, trapping me. She finally hit the dog pretty hard, and it went away, giving her enough time to get my shoelace off the fence.

We ran to close the gate on our fence, but my dog ran out of the gate toward the vicious dog. They started to fight. We finally got my dog inside the fence. We closed the gate and ran inside the house. Luckily, when my sister and I went to our bus stop, the dog was gone.

April just finished the seventh grade at Bayonet Point Middle School in New Port Richey.