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Saturday School can wake up problem kids

Editor: To the School Board and parents of Hernando County, don't let the Saturday School program fall by the wayside. Kids hate it; they have to give up their Saturday. With today's economy, too many parents have to work. A few days at home, alone on out-of-school suspension, is what some of these problem children want. A perfect day is no school and no parents. A tearful, "I'm sorry mom, it wasn't my fault," will make a very irate parent who comes in to bring their child back to school.

Even in-school suspensions are a free day. As a substitute teacher, I have found disciplines torn and scattered on the floors of classrooms. Children show how little they care of the consequences of their actions. The disciplines don't make it home. Saturday School keeps children in the classroom during the week where they need to be; they still have Sunday to do homework. With out-of-school suspension, students get zeros for assigned work, which does more harm to their poor attitudes.

There are a lot of great kids in Hernando County schools. Most go unnoticed by the media because they are just good, hard-working kids who do the best they can. Adults cannot allow the chronic troublemakers to disrupt the learning process of these great kids. Too many times learning must stop because of the same child causing problems from class to class, day in, day out.

Maybe mom or dad will get tired of taking them to Saturday School and admit there is a problem.

Rae L. Simundza

Spring Hill

Tellone sounds like

a fine superintendent

Editor: From what I have read in the papers, Assistant Superintendent Wendy Tellone seems to be the right choice for superintendent. I wish the Hernando County School Board also would read the papers, make the right choice and save us another embarrassment.

Susan J. Willis


1-cent tax should

not build library

Editor: The people of Hernando County are being conned to vote on the 1-cent sales tax. Then the county commissioners will get their way and the money to build a new library.

We need and should vote on a 1-cent sales tax. But the money should go to schools, roads and to upgrade the library we have. No money should be used for new buildings.

Stanley McCoy

Spring Hill

Comments on fire union

unwarranted, offensive

Editor: The very last thing this county, and particularly the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue district, needs is another controversy, especially when it is fueled by unsubstantiated remarks made by one of our career community activists, Claire Richter.

I respect Ms. Richter and have had nothing but open, congenial dealings with her. This is why I was surprised and took offense at the comments she chose to make in her letter to the editor regarding myself and the union I take great pride in leading.

The meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners on June 13, which ended with the appointment of a new fire chief, was, to understate, emotional. The board handled the matter well, and Ms. Richter's renewed call for the disbandment of the board is clearly a case of sour grapes because her feelings about who should be chief were not mirrored by a majority of the board. I implore the county to disregard her comments and allow Chief Morgan to lead the SHFRD into the future with the absence of negative publicity.

Ms. Richter took a lot of space in her letter, stating her contentions, some of which included opinions on my union and this fire district. She knows absolutely nothing about the status of contract negotiations or my relationships with individual commissioners. This union, of course, is about protecting its members. But we also are very active in the community and assist many causes and charities. Ms. Richter knows this all too well, but it did not fit the theme of her commentary and thus was omitted.

Ms. Richter does not attend many meetings at the fire district. I find it ironic she takes one particular meeting, forms an alliance with a previously highly publicized adversary (former county Commissioner Tony Mosca Jr.), solicits biased information from one fire commissioner and turns it into another crusade to spotlight and discredit the SHFRD.

I again, respectfully request that the comments and wishes of Ms. Richter be disregarded and that the county commissioners do as we will do and wish Chief Morgan the best. We look forward to working with him.

John F. Ferriero, president

Professional Firefighters

of Spring Hill

Thanks for the note,

Commissioner Novy

Editor: My son just graduated from Central High School, and I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank County Commissioner Pat Novy for a most gracious letter and for enclosing a pamphlet titled Be Your Best.

We will forever treasure this letter and the pamphlet. Several of our friends have asked that we give them photocopies of Be Your Best. Thank you very much, Commissioner Novy.

Edward H. Frekey

Spring Hill