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Terror paralyzes Karachi

This city of 12-million and Pakistan's commercial center has been trapped for months in a fierce cycle of violence that began when militants with the Mohajir Qaumi Movement declared war against rival Muslims and the government.

Sunday brought no relief in the bloodshed.

Thirty-three people died in terror attacks, including a 45-year-old woman and her two teenage sons who were killed when a grenade fired from a launcher missed its intended target _ a police station _ and hit their nearby house.

Police said several victims had been tortured, their throats cut and their legs and hands tied. "These people are being executed," said Karachi Police Commissioner Zia-ul Islam. "It's frightening." More than 80 police officers have died in the last five weeks.

Nearly 75 people have died since Thursday night, when the latest terror spree began, and life in this financial center essentially has ground to a halt.

Protests in West Bank

JERUSALEM _ In a violent Sunday, Israeli troops killed a Palestinian demonstrator _ a 23-year-old university student _ during a second day of protests in the West Bank.

In the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian bomber blew up a donkey cart loaded with explosives at a military checkpoint, killing himself and injuring three soldiers.

But hopeful news for the Middle East peace process emerged from a three-hour meeting between Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. Peres reported some progress in talks to widen Palestinian self-rule, and said an accord may be reached by Saturday, the target date.

West Bank protesters are demanding the release of about 5,500 Palestinian prisoners still held in Israeli jails.

Nixon held in Cuba

Donald Nixon, nephew of the late President Richard Nixon, is being detained in Cuba by officials who think he is involved in the international drug trade with fugitive financier Robert L. Vesco, Nixon said Sunday.

Officials "told me that I was money laundering, that I was in the international drug trade and that I was a member of the CIA," Nixon, 49, told ABC News. He was apparently speaking from Vesco's home in Cuba, where he is thought to be under house arrest.

The Tustin, Calif., man said he was at Vesco's home May 31 when Cuban officials arrested the financier. Vesco fled the United States in the early 1970s after being accused of diverting more than $220-million from four mutual funds.

Donald Nixon's friendship with Vesco dates to the early 1970s, when he served as Vesco's aide.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia _ A shell exploded next to a playground Sunday night, killing three children and three adults and wounding four other people. A total of nine people were killed Sunday by sniper fire and shelling in the Bosnian capital.

CACHNOV, Czech Republic _ Runaway freight cars loaded with wood and scrap metal raced down a hill and smashed into a train packed with young people headed Sunday to a dance, killing 18 people in this town about 60 miles east of Prague. Most of the dead were in their early 20s. Officials blamed the accident on a switching error and said three railway employees face criminal charges.

GENEVA _ American and Japanese negotiators left the table Sunday unable to settle a dispute regarding access to Japan's auto market. The top trade ministers of the two countries, who have already refused to compromise, are to meet today. If no deal is reached by Wednesday, the U.S. may impose 100 percent tariffs on 13 models of Japanese luxury cars.