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Ex-administrator gets jail term

The former administrator at Countryside Manor nursing home will spend eight days in the Citrus County Jail for embezzling more than $6,000 from residents of the Inverness nursing home.

Nancy Kay Wilt, 34, of 16 James St., Beverly Hills, was sentenced Monday to 180 days in the county jail. However, Circuit Judge John Thurman suspended 170 days of the sentence.

Since Wilt was given credit for two days she spent behind bars after she was arrested in December, she is required to serve only eight more days in jail. Wilt was also placed on five years' probation, during which time she cannot work in a job where she would handle money.

According to court records, Wilt embezzled $6,150 from patients at Countryside Manor. She was recently sentenced in Marion County for embezzling $3,000. At her sentencing hearing on Monday, Wilt blamed the thefts on personal problems she has had.

"I have been in therapy for the past 3{ years for sexual abuse that has occurred several times," Wilt told Thurman.

Thurman responded: "So what you're saying is that your problems have caused you to steal money from little old ladies?"

During the four months she worked at Countryside Manor, Wilt was in total control of all money at the facility. Assistant State Attorney Paul Militello said Wilt encouraged patients to give her blank checks, offering to fill them out herself.

Eventually it was discovered that Wilt wrote several of the checks to herself and used one of the checks to buy herself a Chevrolet Berretta at Premier Auto Sales in Ocala.

According to prosecutors, the case came to light when employees told Marshal Sibertson, the owner of the nursing home, that there was never any petty cash available at the facility.

When Wilt could not provide receipts for the petty cash, an investigation found that she had also stolen money from the residents. The residents were ultimately reimbursed by Countryside Manor.

In records made available by the State Attorney's Office, Sibertson told state prosecutors that Wilt's embezzlement has cost him loss of income as well as loss of reputation.

He suggested that she be forced to pay restitution, go to jail and lose her state nursing license.

Wilt has been given five years to pay $6,150 restitution to Countryside Manor. She has been given four years to pay $3,000 restitution for the case in Marion County.

Wilt has held a nursing license for the past 10 years. Since Thurman chose to withhold adjudication in the case, Wilt's nursing license will not be affected.

According to Wilt's attorney, Joseph Indelicato, Wilt has voluntarily allowed her nursing license to lapse.