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Hoosier glad to be in Florida

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank John Ambler, Largo, for his reply (Seniority, May 30) to They're going back to Indiana, by Susan J. Stewart. I couldn't have said it better. I am a Hoosier and very proud of my heritage. All I can really say is, "It's a nice place to be from."

I could make a list of the undesirable aspects of both states and bet they would be even. But taking my druthers, give me Florida. Thank God for transplanting me here.

I visit home about twice a year, write, call, and my family and friends do the same to me. I could write endlessly about my likes about living here. All I can say is, it's for me and that is what matters. You have to become a part of the community you live in.

A short trip North in the spring will give you dogwood, redbud, frost. Some will say "I have no way of going there." Learn to make the best of what you have.

_ Lora Jean Clark,


Risk factors

Dear Editor:

Re: Reducing risk factors helps prevent strokes, by Dr. Erfan Albakri (Seniority, May 30). I would like to suggest to everyone over 60 who has had times of "disorientation" to add this stroke symptom to others listed in this article.

Had I not read an article in a 1985 Reader's Digest about this, I might now be a patient in a nursing home.

I saw this article, immediately contacted my doctor and informed him that I had experienced several instances of disorientation. He checked my carotid arteries and found the right one 90 percent closed and the left one 80 percent closed. Before the surgery could be scheduled, I suffered another disorientation and was hospitalized immediately.

The cleaning of my arteries accomplished amazing results. My mind was much clearer, as was the color of my face, because of the free flow of blood to the brain and face.

I should say that the surgery did not return any of the ability to remember names!

_ Esther I. Sharlow, St. Petersburg

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