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Residents, tune in to alternatives

The June 15 column by Jacquin Sanders about Vision Cable (Time Warner) was right on target. We have had trouble virtually every Saturday. Our favorite programs are on WEDU-Ch. 3, particularly Are You Being Served? and Keeping up Appearances at 8 and 8:30 p.m.

More Saturdays than not, we get lines in the picture and interruptions. We have one TV that is on an antenna and there is usually a clear picture on that. This has to indicate that Vision Cable (Time Warner) is not tending the store. Like Mr. Sanders, we have attempted to alert the cable company, but as he suggests, there is nobody in charge on the weekend.

If there were an alternative cable choice, Time Warner would quickly go to the bottom of my list. Besides, I resent giving money to the company that publishes such disgusting music and then stands up to defend it.

Let's urge Pinellas to seek an alternative cable hookup.

Earl E. Ditmars

Palm Harbor

Lobbying made a difference

I wish to thank the hundreds of people from Tarpon Springs and the surrounding communities for taking the time to contact the governor's office in support of Line Item 2096A, Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid Special Category Projects, in the 1995-96 state budget.

The entire $11,994,001 line item has been approved, including the city of Tarpon Springs' $178,026 project for restoring the exterior of City Hall (the old Tarpon Springs High School).

More than 1,000 people from around the state called the governor's office June 16, the last day for the governor to sign the budget. The overwhelming statewide support most certainly helped the approval of this line item, which will fund 45 major historic restoration projects throughout the state.

What a tribute to Florida's sesquicentennial!

Kathleen Monahan

Community Affairs administrator

Tarpon Springs

Kids lacked courtesy for runner

One morning while running, I came upon a group of older students waiting for the school bus. I was on Ridgemoor Drive approaching Ridgemoor Boulevard. Most of the students were on the sidewalk.

As I got closer, I thought they would clear a path for me. How could I have been so stupid?

The students would not give an inch. They glared at me. I had to continue my run on the grassy area.

And so this makes me wonder what parents are teaching their children these days. Are parents so busy with their adult toys they neglect to teach their children common courtesy? Had the students cleared a path for me, I would have said, "Thank you."

If the children of today are to be the leaders of tomorrow, then God help us.

Mickey Weber

East Lake