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Suspect in driver's death charged

A Montgomery man was arrested Monday in the slaying of a Zephyrhills man who was driving through Alabama on his way to visit relatives in Louisiana, police said.

Homer Lee Sellers, 36, was arrested after callers who saw composites of a suspect and the weapon used in the attack on television tipped off police.

Police said Sellers bumped the car driven by Leo Cote, 65, from behind. When Cote stopped to check the damage, he was robbed and clubbed to death as he sat in his car.

Cote was traveling with his girlfriend, Lucy Burke, through Montgomery on their way to visit his brother in Shreveport. She witnessed Cote being beaten to death but was not injured.

Police said Sellers used a tree limb whittled down to a 3-foot club in the attack.

Detectives found the weapon lying on the pavement next to the car Sunday.

"I'm so bitter, so hurt, so mad," said Roger Cote of Shreveport. "I can't explain the coldness, the lack of fear of the police. Nothing seems to matter to these people. Who are they?"