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Cable bill has increased 20 percent in six months

Editor: On Dec. 12, 1994, I had Time Warner Cable installed at my home in Spring Hill. The charge was $20.95 a month.

In January, I was charged $23.27 a month. In February, I was charged $23.34 a month. In March, the charge was $23.25 per month. In April, it was $24.06 per month. Then in June it was $24.91 per month.

That is about a 20-percent increase in just six months. I feel that is just too much of an increase and should be looked into. My pension does not increase that much.

George C. Webster, Spring Hill

No need to look far for school chief

Editor: We have a perfect applicant right here in Hernando County who is more than qualified for the position of schools superintendent. Who else but Wendy Tellone, who has been in the system, started as a teacher, knows about our schools and employees?

Having worked with former superintendents Dan McIntyre and Harold Winkler, she would be more than qualified to fill the position.

Look no further and select one of our own who is well known and respected by all.

C. Gemmate, Spring Hill

Vote for Morgan is defended

Editor: I must respond to Claire Richter's June 21 letter to the editor.

First, Mrs. Richter, what right do you have questioning my integrity? My vote for Mr. Morgan for fire chief was based on knowledge I received during our interviews and personal investigating. I felt then, as I do now, he is the best person for the job of fire chief.

As for any personal agenda I may have or not have, let me say once and for all I only have one agenda and that is to make the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District the finest department in Florida.

Finally, Mrs. Richter, let me correct you; there will never be any coercion on my part to sway anyone.

As I see it, if it isn't Claire Richter's way, then it must be wrong.

Robert Kanner, commissioner

Spring Hill Fire and Rescue

Knights thankful for fund-raiser help

Editor: The Knights of Columbus, St. Jude Council No. 6383 would like to thank all the Spring Merchants who sponsored a hole for our golf outing. Money collected was contributed to our scholarship fund. Our council also would like to express our appreciation to all the local businesses, friends and members who contributed to the scholarship fund.

From the merchants who sponsored golf holes we raised more than $2,000. From the 90 members and friends who participated in the golf outing additional funds were raised. In total, more than $3,235 was raised for the scholarship fund.

Four $1,000 scholarships were awarded to a graduating senior at each of the four area high schools. Congratulations to Brian Werthmiller of Springstead High School, Hermon Scrivens of Hernando High School, Michael Thornton of Hernando Christian Academy and Mellisa Wisniewski of Central High School.

The Knights of Columbus of St. Jude council are most grateful to all those who helped make this worthwhile fund-raiser such a huge success. We look forward to next year when, hopefully, we can support our Hernando youth even more.

We pray God will bless you and keep you in his love.

Angelo Cutillo, Spring Hill

Praise for Glidewell's column

Editor: After a lifetime of studying and teaching English and journalism, I would like to tell you Jan Glidewell's recent column Torn towel bespeaks solid love is without a doubt the best piece of newspaper writing I have read.

But one thing bothers me. When I mentioned the article to a friend in Tampa, I discovered that Glidewell's columns do not appear in the Hillsborough and Pinellas County editions of the paper. This is a serious loss for those readers. In fact, Jan Glidewell's column is the reason I subscribe to the Times.

I strongly recommend you at least reprint this particular column in the editions of the paper that did not carry it. Not only do we need the refreshing experience of good writing, but we also can use a dose of what the article talks about: "The triumph of love, wisdom and understanding over adversity, pain and the gulf of time that sometimes separates what was and what should be and finally is."

No Bridges of Madison County four days here; just passion and devotion that is "always there. Always."

Margaret Longhill, Dunnellon

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