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Mock draft

Barring draft-day trades, here is how Times staff writer Roger Mills predicts the first round:

1. Warriors: Joe Smith (Maryland, 6 feet 10, 220 pounds) _ Warriors need a big man who can score. Could trade with Philadelphia.

2. Clippers: Jerry Stackhouse (UNC, 6-6, 218) _ Unless Smith is there, Clips take the best all-around player.

3. 76ers: Antonio McDyess (Alabama, 6-9, 230) _ Coach John Lucas said McDyess reminded him of Horace Grant.

4. Bullets: Rasheed Wallace (UNC, 6-10, 225) _ In keeping with the Bullets' youth movement, Wallace seems a perfect fit.

5. Timberwolves: Ed O'Bannon (UCLA, 6-9, 217) _ The Wolves could use a mature player to stabilize the delicate personalities there.

6. Grizzlies: Kevin Garnett (Chicago Farragut HS, 6-11, 215) _ A risk, but Garnett is a big-time player with big-time skills.

7. Raptors: Bryant Reeves (Oklahoma State, 7-0, 290) _ Reeves is the solid big man Toronto could have for the next 10 years.

8. Blazers: Corliss Williamson (Arkansas, 6-7, 245) _ Gives Portland strength in the paint but may not be there long.

9. Nets: Shawn Respert (Michigan State, 6-3, 218) _ The Nets haven't looked comfortable recently at shooting guard.

10. Heat: Cherokee Parks (Duke, 6-11, 235) _ Miami needs a big man, and Parks replaces the departed John Salley.

11. Bucks: Rashard Griffth (Wisconsin, 6-11, 265) _ Some question his attitude, but he is too big, too strong to ignore.

12. Mavericks: Kurt Thomas (TCU, 6-9, 230) _ The NCAA's leader in scoring and rebounding played his collegiate career in Fort Worth.

13. Kings: Damon Stoudamire (Arizona, 5-10, 171) _ Bobby Hurley's bad luck forces the Kings to look for a point guard.

14. Celtics: Bob Sura (FSU, 6-5, 200) _ New coach M.

L. Carr wants tempo. Sura lives for tempo.

15. Nuggets: Sherell Ford (Illinois-Chicago, 6-7, 210) _ His MVP performance in the Phoenix camp sealed the deal.

16. Hawks: James Forrest (Georgia Tech, 6-8, 243) _ At home in Atlanta, he will help Hawks' aging inside players.

17. Cavs: Lawrence Moten (Syracuse, 6-5, 185) _ Cavs need offense, and Moten is a scorer.

18. Pistons: Anthony Pelle (Fresno State, 7-0, 260) _ Shot blocker/rebounder looked good in predraft camps.

19. Pistons: Alan Henderson (Indiana, 6-9 225) _ The career rebound leader at Indiana is strong at both ends of court.

20. Bulls: Mario Bennett (Arizona St., 6-9, 235) _ A power forward with hops, blocks and shots. Perfect fit for Chicago.

21. Suns: Greg Ostertag (Kansas, 7-2, 279) _ The Big Eight's all-time shot blocker replaces either Joe Klein or Danny Schayes.

22. Hornets: Randolph Childress (Wake Forest, 6-2, 188) _ The nightmares of Muggsy Bogues' perimeter struggles are over.

23. Pacers: Brent Barry (Oregon State, 6-6, 185) _ A great alternate to Reggie Miller, since Byron Scott is gone.

24. Mavericks: Theo Ratliff (Wyoming, 6-10, 220) _ Second in the nation in blocks, will give Mavs an inside presence.

25. Magic: David Vaughn (Memphis, 6-10, 240) _ Shot blocker and rebounder who played with Penny Hardaway.

26. Sonics: Eric Williams (Providence, 6-8 220) _ Unlimited skills at small forward, good for Sonics' spirited attack.

27. Suns: Gary Trent (Ohio, 6-8, 240) _ A Charles Barkley clone, just a jump shot away from greatness.

28. Jazz: Michael Finley (Wisconsin, 6-7, 215) _ Open-court player who could thrive under John Stockton's generosity.

29. Spurs: Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State, 6-4, 203) _ A three-point scorer who could solve the Spurs' shooting guard problems.

Of course, all of this is moot if draft day brings an avalanche of trades. Some of the possible swaps:

Sixers send Sharon Wright to Warriors in a swap of picks, then takes Stackhouse.

Raptors trade B.J. Armstrong to Bullets in a swap of picks and take Kevin Garnett.

Blazers give up Rod Strickland and the 8th pick to Washington for the Bullets' 4th pick.

Warriors have four second-round picks; expect some deal involving a proven point guard.

2nd-round order

30. Pistons (from Clippers); 31. Bulls (from Timberwolves); 32. Bullets; 33. Celtics (from Sixers through Jazz); 34. Warriors; 35. Raptors; 36. Grizzlies; 37. Lakers (from Pistons through Bullets); 38. Bucks (from Nets through Magic); 39. Cavs (from Heat).

40. Warriors (from Bucks through Lakers); 41. Rockets (from Mavs); 42. Hawks (from Kings); 43. Bucks (from Celtics); 44. Nuggets; 45. Hawks; 46. Heat (from Cavs); 47. Kings (from Blazers through Warriors); 48. Timberwolves (from Bulls); 49. Timberwolves (from Rockets).

50. Warriors (from Lakers through Sonics); 51. Kings (from Hornets); 52. Pacers; 53. Clippers (from Knicks); 54. Sonics; 55. Warriors (from Magic through Sonics); 56. Suns; 57. Hawks (from Jazz); 58. Pistons (from Spurs through Rockets and Blazers).