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Drug dealing suspect is a car dealer instead

A man captured in a raid by Colombian police is a car dealer, not the drug lord they were seeking.

Regional prosecutor Efrain Aponte said Wednesday the man in the northern city of Valledupar had led police to think he was a drug lord. "There was disinformation on the part of the individual," Aponte said. "He has a flair for acting."

The prosecutor said the man was Venezuelan car dealer Dennys Espina Rodriguez, not the Cali drug cartel's Phanor Arizabaleta Arzayuz. The mistake was caught with a fingerprint check.

Even a woman who was with Espina Rodriguez when secret police burst into the house late Tuesday played along with the hoax, Aponte said, adding: "I think they need a psychiatrist."

Espina Rodriguez denied trying to deceive police. "I didn't say anything," he told reporters.