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First Nephew to get visit

President and Mrs. Clinton are expected to pop into Miami for an overnight stay on Friday, more in their new role as Uncle Bill and Aunt Hillary than president and first lady.

The trip's highlight is a visit with Zachary Rodham, the 3-week-old son of Tony and Nicole Boxer Rodham and the Clintons' first nephew. Tony, a business and marketing consultant, is the first lady's youngest brother; Nicole is the daughter of Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

The White House said the Clintons will arrive in Miami shortly before 6 p.m. Friday and depart for Connecticut at about 4 p.m. Saturday.

Poll shows panther support

TALLAHASSEE _ Most state residents want the endangered Florida panther returned to a habitat favorable for reproduction and some support using tax dollars to ensure the panther's future.

More than eight of every 10 Floridians favor reintroducing the panther to the Osceola National Forest in northeastern Florida, according to a poll released Wednesday by a state environmental agency.

The poll showed that 91 percent think the panther should be saved and only 3 percent opposed conservation efforts.

Man with rats may be released

DELTONA _ The 76-year-old man who shared his home with several hundred rats is sane enough to live on his own, officials decided Wednesday.

Authorities learned last week the Deltona man had been taking care of hundreds of rats as pets inside his home. He has been at Halifax Medical Center the past few days, being screened by mental health experts while exterminators have been killing the rats.

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