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He has a thing for acid jazz


Golomb's thing is acid jazz, an amorphous style of dance music that incorporates soul, funk and the smoother side of hip-hop. It's not jazz, but it's jazzy in that it often uses horns _ sometimes sampled, sometimes not _ and a renewed emphasis on melody and more natural sounding percussion.

Also a freelance painter and computer graphic designer, Golomb started spinning acid jazz when the now-defunct Tut's Pyramid nightclub downtown featured the music Tuesday nights. He now hosts the "Stinky Purple Hop" Tuesdays at the Trolley Stop Cafe in Ybor City.

Kruder and Dorfmeister's Deep Sh_ Part 1 and 2 from the compilation Explorations 2, Into Dance Floor Jazz . "These are actually two guys from Vienna, Austria. This particular cut combines interesting elements of African chanting and an African drum line, mixed with a heavy dub influence, if you will."

Spearhead's Runfayalife from Home . "It's kind of a real bass-heavy party song, if you will. It really talks about how the party doesn't start until the music gets loud and people get crazy. This band originated out of an old band, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy." That band's old vocalist, Michael Franti, "is the brains behind this band. He's kind of a poet songwriter. Actually, this stuff really represents the more poetic aspects of acid jazz, combining poetry with good beats and music."

Gang Starr's Manifest from the compilation C & S Street Jazz . "This is definitely one of the more jazz hip-hop tracks. It's one of the first to really rely heavily on jazz samples."

Sister Love's The Hypnotist from the compilation Ibiza After Hours. Golomb describes this as a cross between acid jazz and "trip-hop." "It's kind of like a mixture between ambient trance and dance music. The vocals are almost like you're sitting in front of the hypnotist, and he's, like, giving you orders. It tells you to breathe out slowly, and then breathe in, and "now you start to feel the colors,' and all this kind of thing. It's a good song to sit back and relax and listen to. It's almost like you could get hypnotized by it."

D-Note's The Garden of Earthly Delights from The Acid Jazz Test, Part 3. Golomb says this is more up-tempo with a house music flavor. "Just real kind of free and easy, positive, just an all-around good song."