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Justice Department closes Packwood probe

The Justice Department has decided against prosecuting Sen. Bob Packwood, R-Ore., over allegations that he solicited job offers for his ex-wife from lobbyists.

The announcement was made in a letter to Packwood's Washington attorneys.

Justice Department spokesman John Russell confirmed that the Packwood case had been closed and said no other issues related to the senator were being investigated.

"There are no outstanding remaining matters at the Department of Justice," he said.

"We're very pleased and beyond that we should not comment," said Packwood's press secretary, Bobbi Munson.

The Justice Department's decision does not put an end to the senator's problems.

The Senate Ethics Committee is still investigating allegations that Packwood peddled his influence in an attempt to secure jobs for his ex-wife and reduce his alimony payments, engaged in sexual misconduct and altered his diaries to obstruct the committee's investigation.

Packwood met privately with the panel Wednesday for a second consecutive day to respond to the committee charges.