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Let everyone read Glidewell column on love

Editor: After a lifetime of studying and teaching English and journalism, I would like to tell you Jan Glidewell's column Torn towel bespeaks solid love is without a doubt the best piece of newspaper writing I have read.

But one thing bothers me. When I mentioned the article to a friend in Tampa, I discovered that Glidewell's columns do not appear in the Hillsborough and Pinellas County editions of the paper. This is a serious loss for those readers. In fact, Jan Glidewell's column is the reason I subscribe to the Times.

I strongly recommend you at least reprint this particular column in the editions of the paper that did not carry it. Not only do we need the refreshing experience of good writing, but we also can use a dose of what the article talks about: "The triumph of love, wisdom and understanding over adversity, pain and the gulf of time that sometimes separates what was and what should be and finally is."

No Bridges of Madison County four days here; just passion and devotion that is "always there. Always."

Margaret Longhill


Editor's note: Glidewell and other columnists are frequently published in other regional editions of the Times. But you are right; the one you mention did not appear in the Tampa edition.

Program for suspended

youths is wonderful

Editor: The requirements for my criminal justice degree included a course called Community-Based Corrections. I was instructed to pick a group or organization that dealt with the problem, give at least 42 volunteer hours, and write a report on what I observed.

I knew that the Crystal River Police Department had a program called CURTESY (Citrus United Response Team for Educating Suspended Youth) that was held at the Boys and Girls Club in Crystal River and felt it was something I could learn something from and possibly be of some help to them.

I knew Brian Sullivan ran the program and had introduced myself to him a few months earlier and told him what I needed to do.

After spending many hours in his company I can say that watching and listening to him with "his" kids is a worthwhile experience for anyone needing or wanting to get involved with a cause.

They will see the positive results if they take the time to meet with Brian and help him out.

There are many people who talk about helping our youth, but Brian doesn't talk about it, he does it.

We need more people like him and he needs people who are willing to give of themselves so the young people growing up in our area will become positive and productive adults.

Take the first step and call Brian at 563-2005. Tell him you want to donate some of your time working with him and "his" kids.

Cynthia Henderson

Crystal River

Part of Beverly Hills

is already a slum

Editor: Recently The United Residents professed they were against having a low-cost housing project because Beverly Hills would become a slum area.

What do you call Unit 5 of Beverly Hills, which has a permanent deed restriction on file at the Hall of Records in the new Citrus County Courthouse, yet you can see these individuals operating a commercial business from these residences?

You have a slum area now, and it is spreading fast. Yet, very little has been done to eliminate this nuisance.

At one time this area was a beautiful place to live.

Harold C. Frankel

Beverly Hills