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My Favorite Place: A special place reserved for one

If I could go anywhere in the world it would have to be my favorite place in the world. No one can see it but me. Let me tell you about this place.

It has a beautiful stream, with giant tropical fish. Just beyond the woods is a small, dainty cabin. There is a wonderful waterfall down the stream and you can ride down the fall. Under a tree by the stream is a box of tiny kittens. Four petite gray and white kittens. They love to chase the kiwi birds, grasshoppers and each other.

Under a tree far behind the cabin there is a nest. This nest belongs to a mother kiwi. The kiwi is the protected national bird of New Zealand. Kiwis build nests on the ground. An egg has hatched, and its mother is teaching it to look for worms. Kiwis can't fly.

If you haven't guessed yet, then I'll tell you where this wonderful place is: It's in my imagination.

Amanda recently completed the eighth grade at Inverness Middle School.