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Published Oct. 4, 2005

News Hound hopes everyone is enjoying their summer vacation, but just because school's out doesn't mean you can slack off on your current events! Top of the Class offers News Hound once a month and asks five questions about international, national and local news events that have appeared in the Times. Here's your chance to see how well you are keeping up with the news. You can check your answers in Class Notes. Good luck!

1. Atlanta is hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics. Which other U.S. city is preparing to host Olympic Games?

2. Who is Scott O'Grady?

3. Dr. Jonas Salk, a pioneer in medical research, died Friday. What was Salk's greatest discovery?

4. Who are the top seeds for Wimbledon?

5. Bob Barchiesi has been selected as Crystal River's new police chief. Barchiesi replaces Roger Krieger. What position does Krieger now hold?

a. city attorney

b. utilities director

c. city manager

d. parks and recreation director

NEWS HOUND QUIZ ANSWERS: The answers to today's News Hound quiz are: 1. Salt Lake City recently was chosen to host the 2002 Winter Olympics. Salt Lake City is in Utah. 2. Scott O'Grady is the Air Force captain whose fighter was shot down over Bosnia. For six days, O'Grady used his military training and survival instinct to stay alive until his rescue. 3. Dr. Jonas Salk discovered the nation's first polio vaccine. The disease, which is on the verge of being wiped out around the world, often struck children leaving them either paralyzed or dead. 4. Andre Agassi is seeded first for the men and Steffi Graf is seeded first for women at Wimbledon. 5. Roger Krieger is Crystal River's city manager.