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Adopting outside your borders

Note to Valerie Sanford: Your telephone number is missing. Please call KidsLine at the number below to get the names of other people who are interested in meeting about international adoptions.

Group for stepmothers

I was looking at a listing of groups for parents in the paper a couple of weeks ago. I didn't notice anything about a stepmothers' support group. I'm interested in knowing whether there is one in the Tampa Bay area, or if not, if there's interest in starting one. -- Stephanie Kane

Games for all ages

I am a retired school administrator and physical education teacher. I'd be happy to assist Heidi Joline's Parents Night Out program in finding games for all levels of children and would do a workshop with her if she's interested. -- Alan Maloney, Clearwater, 581-4654.

Swimming safely

I'm an elementary schoolteacher and give swimming lessons in the Seminole area for people who have backyard pools. I have 20 years' experience and teach people of all ages. -- Dan Ayers, 398-4244

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