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Grant's girlfriend "alone, bewildered'

Published Oct. 4, 2005

Actor-model Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant's girlfriend, said Thursday she feels alone and bewildered after his dalliance with a prostitute, and hasn't made a decision about their future.

"For years I have turned to Hugh for help during difficult times and so now, even though my family and friends have been very kind, I am very much alone," Hurley told Press Association, Britain's domestic news service.

Grant, the Four Weddings and a Funeral star whose bashful grin and self-deprecating wit charmed women on both sides of the Atlantic, was arrested early Tuesday in Los Angeles on suspicion of indulging in a sex act with a prostitute in his white BMW.

Both Grant and the prostitute, Stella Marie Thompson (also known as Divine Brown), were charged Thursday with misdemeanor counts of lewd conduct in a public place.

Grant, 34, faces a maximum six months in jail and $1,000 fine if convicted, although jail time is rare for first-time offenders, said Mike Qualls, spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. Grant and Thompson will be arraigned July 19 in Hollywood Municipal Court.

Hurley, in London to promote cosmetics for Estee Lauder, said she had made no decision about her eight-year relationship with Grant.

"I am still bewildered and saddened by recent events, and have not been in a fit state to make any decisions about the future," she said. "This is all very painful for me, and if members of the press could find it in their hearts to give me some time to think, I would be very grateful."

Paparazzi followed Hurley as she met with beauty magazine editors Thursday. She appeared cool on an unusually muggy London day, in a close-fitting light green shift dress and matching high heel shoes.

A friend of the couple said Grant had flown to the New York area, and Hurley was planning to meet him there, away from prying eyes.