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House approves cuts to this year's budget

A bill to eliminate $16.5-billion from already enacted spending passed the House on Thursday after the White House and Republican leaders agreed on changes to ease the cutbacks in education and social programs.

The Senate is expected to approve the bill today, sending back to President Clinton a revised version of legislation he vetoed on June 7.

"We have now achieved a bill I am prepared to sign," Clinton said in Chicago. "The new bill achieves the same amount of deficit reduction as the previous bill, but it does so the right way, by protecting investments in children, education, national service, job training and the environment that Congress wanted to cut."

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston, R-La, said the compromise was a "balance of differing viewpoints," adding, "we've gone a long way to meeting the president's concerns."

The bill, which makes cuts in the current year's budget, passed the House by a 276-151 margin.