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Simpson trial in summary

What happened Thursday: Judge Lance Ito barred prosecutors from presenting a report that closely ties fibers on murder-scene evidence to O.J. Simpson's Bronco.

Prosecutor Marcia Clark admitted she had not told defense lawyers that an FBI agent obtained data from a carpet manufacturer showing that only Ford Broncos made in 1993 and 1994 had the kind of carpet linked to the killings. Simpson's Bronco was a 1994 model.

Clark insisted she didn't know about Special Agent Douglas Deedrick's report until Wednesday night, when he reluctantly disclosed it to the defense on orders of the judge. But defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. accused Clark of manipulating evidence to put the defense at a disadvantage.

He demanded Deedrick be excluded as a witness, that his report be barred and that the judge ban use of a series of microscopic photographs of hair and fiber evidence. Cochran lost on two of the motions, winning only exclusion of the report.