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Pos. Driver No. Car

1 Dale Earnhardt 3 Monte Carlo

This isn't the Daytona 500, so that means he's liable to blow somebody's doors off.

2 Sterling Marlin 4 Monte Carlo

In seven Daytona races, he's won twice and had a shot at three others. Look for him at the end of this one, too.

3 Jeff Gordon 24 Monte Carlo

He has a thing for winning big races. This isn't huge, but this 1995 three-time winner might just take it for the heck of it.

4 Bobby Labonte 18 Monte Carlo

No longer the best kept secret in NASCAR, he has the horses to run with the big boys _ and beat them.

5 Robert Pressley 33 Monte Carlo

He's bucking for rookie of the year. With a little luck and good pit stops, he might come close to sewing it up today.

6 Todd Bodine 75 Thunderbird

Like Pressley, he's a young gun with plenty of firepower. He's your best bet for an outsider to win.

8 Michael Waltrip 30 Grand Prix

He always brings a car to Daytona that runs up front. After punching out driver Lake Speed at Michigan, figure he'll beat up the competition one way or another.

10 Mark Martin 6 Thunderbird

He proved he has superspeedway muscle by winning at Talladega in April. He may steal the glory from the heavily-favored Chevy boys.

14 Ricky Rudd 10 Thunderbird

It may look like he's cheating, but he'll run legit today. If he gets through traffic to the front, he'll stay.

16 Kyle Petty 42 Grand Prix

This is, after all, a Petty track. He has one win already this season. If nobody wrecks him, this could be No. 2.