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Autopsy says woman found in pool drowned

Authorities have concluded that a woman who was found dead in her swimming pool Thursday along with her pet schnauzer drowned.

Alcohol was a contributing factor, a medical examiner's report has determined. Marilyn Goodman Hill was found dead in her swimming pool along with her dog Rastus.

A neighbor said the 65-year-old woman's pet dogs were her life. Police speculated that Hill went in the pool to save the dog, who was 18 years old and partly blind.

The dog was very stiff and likely died before Hill, the medical examiner said. Hill was wearing her reading glasses and a dress over a bathing suit when she was found in the small, kidney-shaped pool. Family members said she was not a strong swimmer, and city records show that emergency personnel had responded to the house at least twice in recent months.

Police didn't know until after the autopsy whether a medical condition had contributed to the woman's death.