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L.A. opening has Bucs fans nervous

Agree with your comments on the Bucs, but it appears you're fighting an uphill battle at the Times. You are a voice crying in the wilderness. Your editorials are silent on the Bucs while having something to say in support of every other sports issue in the area.

Your co-worker, Mary Jo Melone, is as caustic a critic of the Bucs as I have ever heard. Emotion, not reason, is her guiding force. Why does she think Jacksonville, Charlotte and St. Louis fought so for an NFL franchise? And why Baltimore keeps begging?

Melone has a myopic eye. But if the Bucs go, I'm moving. This is a small town and it may never change.

Rich Jones, Hudson

I can't believe the NFL could be so greedy as to take a team away from another city and move it to Los Angeles. I hope the Tampa Bay area gets together on a new stadium before we lose our Bucs.

Jeff Vanderhoof,

St. Petersburg

You are exactly right about the Bucs and that now-open L.A. market. As a fan, what can I do now to put pressure on community leaders? I am ready to act. I am a UPS driver and come into contact with many fans daily.

Drake Scott, Brandon

C'mon, Hubert, has Sam Wyche slipped you a mickey? Picking the Bucs to go 10-6 is like saying an independent will be elected to the White House. Trent Dilfer is, in essence, a rookie quarterback.

True, the Tampa Bay roster has been improved by free agents and draftees added since last season. A 7-9 record seems reachable, maybe even 8-8 with lots of good bounces. It is, as you suggest, a huge lift to be out of the Culverhouse ownership era. Good riddance. But as for you suggesting 10-6, well, that sounds like a summer heat stroke.

Kenneth Bain, Clearwater

Emotions are steaming on NFL movements, especially as they relate to the Bucs. On the stadium issue, if you really care, keep speed-dialing your political reps and make views known. Write newspapers. Call radio and TV stations. Hammer at the Hillsborough commission and Tampa council. By the way, considering the current Washington temperature, does an independent seem entirely out of the presidential question?