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"Master Troy' defends "lifestyle we have here'

Terry Lynn Thomas, aka "Master Troy," called The Times on Friday to complain about the police raid on his property and subsequent media coverage. His remarks are excerpted below:

"In the first paragraph, where (floor slave) Joan is popping a Valium, that's not true. . . . She does take it, but she didn't have a chance to do it with all the police and this circus going on.

"I'm not her boss. I don't employ anybody. I'm her true B and D (bondage and discipline) master. I don't pay anyone. She gets a very good and warm and loving lifestyle here. I helped get her off drugs. She doesn't do that anymore. And she only smokes one cigarette an hour now. She has a new sense of well-being.

"It was described as disgusting. Maybe that's what the police said, but I don't find it disgusting.

"The article said there were hundreds of porno films (made here). No. Fifteen videos is all I have. Only 15 were ever taped here. They depict bondage and discipline or R and P: restraint and pleasure. No one was filmed without their permission.

"The videotapes were made by request only.

"As far as the things that were described as being in the dungeon: There are no clay sculptures of fornicating figures. There are no skull-shaped candles. There isn't any altar.

"It looks like a normal house. In fact, one-half of it has a lot of regular exercise equipment in it.

"But the part about the videotapes and taping people without their knowledge _ that angers me terribly. One of the things I offer here is discretion.

"The police talked about local children being involved here. There are no local children (involved). No local children have ever, ever, ever been here. I've never even had a local trick-or-treater here. I'm way out in the country.

"There is no pay to anyone who's here. It's not a profession and it's not a job. It's a lifestyle we have here.

"I have a video club, sort of an overgrown hobby. I share my collection with the world. I share my videos with others who have videos to trade. If they don't have a video to trade, I sell mine for $50.

"I probably have 1,000 videos in my collection, but only 15 of them were actually made here.

"I write a column for a magazine. I'm a positive force for the scene.

"No one is forced to do anything they don't want to do here. No one is beaten here. We don't beat people.

"The whippings are leather-induced tactile stimulations. Do you know the difference? It's done in a way that's agreeable to all.

"I would like to see an article that's done in a positive way. Can you do that?"