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Sleigh bells in July

It's July, and you all know what that means. Yes, it's time to prepare for Christmas. Folks, now is the time to request all those patterns and instructions you'll be so eager to have come December, when it will be all but too late. So, wrack your brains for those projects you told yourself you'd finally get around to _ next Christmas _ and we'll devote some upcoming space to all of your holiday requests.

This interesting bit of information just in for B. Seligman of Spring Hill from William J. Bell of Gulfport, the head of the Florida chapter of the International Bossons Collectors Society. "The Bossons replicas that you are interested in are illegal copies of the copyrighted Bossons art ware. They are no longer being produced, as this copyright is strictly enforced." We called William and can now pass on a little more information about Bossons. They are painted heads, or character masks, of different kinds of people and historical figures. They're still being made by H.

R. Bossons Co. of Congleton, England, although many of the older ones have been discontinued. Legend heads also are made in England and their similarity to Bossons heads can perhaps be explained by the fact that the Legend founder used to work for Bossons. Legend is a legitimate brand, however, unlike the "fake," unpainted copy that occasionally turns up. So B. Seligman, chances are you won't be able to find what you were looking for, assuming the unpainted heads were indeed Bossons or Legend copies.

Evelyn Brown of New Port Richey, we've received quite a few copies of the pattern you requested from the June 1968 Workbasket. As one of the readers, Dorla J. Austin of Crystal River, noted, "Sometimes we wonder why we hold on to some of these nondescript items and then learn everything truly has a purpose."

Leila Corbett of Dunnellon, we can now offer instructions on how to use real ice cream cones for crafts. Kathy Bruckmeyer of New Port Richey writes: "We used sugar ice cream cones dipped in polyurethane several times for our Cub Scouts one year. We used thongs to dip them and then placed them on wax paper to dry. I still have these craft items after more than eight years and no bugs have eaten them and they are still in one piece."

Help wanted

Now who can help the following folks?

Ingrid, a "devoted" reader in St. Petersburg, remembers that "several months after the Clintons were inaugurated, a tulip was developed and named for Hillary Clinton. It was the chat of the morning TV shows. At the time it was mentioned that bulbs of the pink, rather nondescript, flower would not be generally available to the public for about two years. I'm quite sure two years have passed, and I look at every bulb catalog I receive, hoping to find the bulb offered. But alas! I don't find a word about them. Not even the garden expert at your newspaper has a clue! Maybe, even though tulips aren't grown in our area, some of your readers may happen to be aware of whether or not this bulb may be obtained."

Mrs. Lorraine Cavanaugh of Spring Hill needs to find "Darice" doll heads and hands, especially the 6-inch large heads. "Anyone have them hidden away? I have tried all over."

Patricia Conboy of Palm Harbor turns to her fellow readers for help in finding a 5-by-7-inch frame in a light-colored rattan design, made by the Magee Co. She originally purchased a number of frames in various sizes at Publix but now needs additional ones as her family is increasing in size. She has looked everywhere and was even unsuccessful in locating the company through the help of her local library and its resources.

Mrs. Sonja L. Sheppard of Clearwater wants to find a digital calendar with the year, month and day for her 89-year-old friend. "It's approximately 6 by 6 inches. Looks like a digital desk clock."

Mrs. Alda Rybarczyk of St. Petersburg is looking for cooking aprons, "not the barbecue ones but the pretty ones with lace or whatever on them." Betty White wears them on The Golden Girls, as does Nathalie Dupree (once in a while) on her cooking show.

And finally, Mrs. Leonard A. Beil of Hudson hopes someone can provide her with a pattern to knit Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls for a little girl.

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, Home&Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731. Please include name, address and a daytime telephone number.