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Published Oct. 4, 2005

Teen heartthrob Jamie Walters is getting a lot of heat from fans for doing his job. It seems that his legion of young female devotees haven't quite understood that it was his Beverly Hills 90210 character _ and not him _ who pushed his girlfriend down a flight of stairs on the season finale. Wherever he goes since that broadcast, report his associates, young women are furious about the character's behavior, and they're taking it out on the actor. He tries to explain the difference, and usually they get it, but not before venting their rage at such unacceptable behavior. It hasn't hurt his career yet _ he's still zooming up the top of the music charts with his band and remains an integral part of the show.

ABC newsman Sam Donaldson is quite enigmatic about the recent blaze that singed several acres of his sprawling New Mexico ranch. The lightning-sparked fire on his 11,000-acre property outside of Pichacho charred the grass and destroyed dozens of pines and fence posts before burning itself out. He looks at the incident with the coolness that he displays on air. "This is all part of the perils of ranching," he says. "Drought, fire, pestilence, low prices, all of that."

The ever popular Michael Ironside will take over as commander of seaQuest DSV next season as the network attempts to keep the innovative drama fresh. He'll take over the helm from Roy Scheider, who will continue on the series in a recurring role rather than on a weekly basis. Scheider reportedly was getting a little tired of the grind, and was quite amenable to the change. Ironside says he's thrilled to get the role after what has been a career playing villains and tough guys. Last season he played the emotionally uncaring chairman of the emergency room on ER, and the network was so impressed with his performance they wanted him to stay with the network.

Aaron Spelling's hits are proving to be a major reservoir of talent for networks and motion picture studios. Ian Ziering is currently appearing in Flash Frame on Showtime and he appeared in an NBC movie of the week this year while Luke Perry is featured in the New Line/Spelling Films picture Normal Life. Tori Spelling is working on her third NBC movie and Jason Priestly is in Cold Blooded, a forthcoming release. Brian Austin Green and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen were both in the NBC movie Scared to Death. Meanwhile, Melrose Place stars Daphne Zuniga, Josie Bisset, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Laura Leighton, Thomas Callabro, and Grant Show have landed roles in miniseries or movies.

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