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20 years later, anthem band Boston searches for that feeling

Published Oct. 4, 2005

Time has caught up with Boston.

The highly polished unit that grabbed the world nearly 20 years ago with the anthemic hit More Than A Feeling searched in vain for feeling for much its performance Saturday night at the USF Sun Dome.

These dinosaurs of the bygone era of power ballads and layers of guitar chords struggled mightily to bring back the good times, and they had their moments, but too often the band's search for any real edge ended empty-handed.

Sure, the soaring guitar work of wonderkid Tom Scholz is still dominant in their music, and singer Brad Delp, (who recently returned to the band) continues to deliver those stratospheric vocal lines, but it's all wrapped in a lifeless package that relies too much on technology and not enough on taste.

Things were slow in getting started. With a crunch of chords, Scholz peeled of a rather meaningless version of Star Spangled Banner, but hope for the night ensued as the band plowed into a track from its first album.

With Delp sharing vocal duties with newcomer Fran Cosmo, the fans got the best of both worlds. Cosmo's pure power made up for not having the best material to sing.

Delp, on the other hand had hits like Amanda, Don't Look Back (which he yielded the high parts to the younger Cosmo) and More Than A Feeling to offer the crowd, who roared their approval at every chance.

Curiously, Boston drew only 5,400 for this outing, proof that their star shines a little less brightly these days.