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Prostitute tells tabloid about Grant

For lack of $40, actor Hugh Grant's life is a shambles, according to a Hollywood hooker's graphic account of their sexual encounter.

The prostitute, Divine Brown, said in a London tabloid interview published Sunday that for $100 she would have taken the British heartthrob back to her room to have sex.

But the movie star had only $60.

"I said, "Honey that ain't enough for you to have sex; all you can have is oral,' " Brown recalled.

So they performed the act in Grant's BMW, where cops busted them.

Brown, 23, told the tabloid she had already earned $200 that night and wanted to bring in another $500 before going home to her kids.

The prostitute, whose real name is Stella Thompson, parlayed the cheap sexual transaction into a six-figure paycheck. She reportedly was paid $150,000 by The News of the World for the tawdry details.

Brown said she refused his request to kiss him but let the actor kiss her on the neck.