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Wedding bounty: Location, location

How much loot a bride and groom collect on their big day often depends on where they tie the knot.

A recent survey found that wedding guests from the Northeast spent the most on gifts for newlywed couples, roughly $125, while Westerners spent the least, about $64. Spending averaged $76 in the Midwest and $75 in the South.

The survey also found that about 37 percent of gift givers made a purchase from a bridal registry.

The survey was conducted by Lenox Brands, a maker of fine china and crystal.

Rogaine sprouts new ad for women

Don't like the look of thinning hair with lipstick and a dress? Well, check out the latest commercial from Upjohn Co.

The Kalamazoo, Mich.-based pharmaceutical company introduced its first program-length advertisement (28.5 minutes) targeting women 18 to 49 years old as consumers of Rogaine Topical Solution, a product designed to regrow hair.

The commercial will air on cable outlets throughout July, including Lifetime, Sci-Fi Channel, Fox Net, the Learning Channel, the Discovery Channel, VH-1 and the USA Network.

"More than 20-million U.S. women experience hair loss, yet hair loss in women remains a rather taboo subject," said Amanda Hutcherson, Upjohn marketing director.

Rogaine was introduced for women in 1991. The most commonly reported side effect is itching or minor scalp irritation _ which occur among 7 percent of users, according to the company.

"It's not the panacea," said Neil Fenske, a University of South Florida professor of internal medicine. "But it is the first and only medication that we know will grow hair."

Nike chief finally just did it

Nike chairman Phil Knight must be planning to stay with the company for a while. He had the trademark Nike swoosh tattooed just above his left ankle.

The 57-year-old executive decided to drop his sock after years of needling from the company's band of young field representatives, company spokesman Keith Peters said.

Many of the younger field representatives initiate themselves into the company by applying the Nike swoosh, most often on an ankle, but sometimes in other undisclosed places.

"They're a young, rambunctious group that have kind of goaded Phil," Peters said. "They're always asking, "Come on, when are you going to get a tattoo?' And this time he did it."

The human shopper, dissected

There are four major styles of shoppers, according to a survey by Roper Starch Worldwide. The pollster queried 40,000 consumers in 40 countries to come up with this conclusion.

Twenty-nine percent are "deal makers" _ they love the process of buying itself. Twenty-seven percent are "price seekers," who place the most importance on the product they are buying.

"Brand loyalists," who account for 23 percent, purchase name brands. The remaining 21 percent are "luxury innovators," who want the latest, most prestigious labels.

Time shares enjoy a record year

More than 3-million households worldwide own vacation time shares, according to the American Resort Development Association.

The association says 1994 was a record year for the industry, with 384,000 new owners purchasing 560,000 time share intervals. Sales that year totaled $4.76-billion, they say.

The association says 37.3 percent of the time share resorts are in the United States.

Fatter the fund, richer the director

When it comes to compensating mutual fund directors, one rule usually applies: the bigger the fund, the bigger the salary.

The median director compensation for a fund with less than $1-billion in assets is $5,000 a year, while the median for directors of funds with more than $25-billion in assets is $84,000.

The median total compensation is $41,000, according to a joint survey by the newsletter Fund Directions and the consulting firm Management Practice.

_ Compiled from reports by the Associated Press and Times staff writer Lara Wozniak.