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Bear kills two in Alaska park

A bear startled while feeding on a freshly killed moose fatally mauled a woman and her son-in-law as they hiked through a state park.

The woman's grandson escaped by climbing up a tree.

"In all probability it was a brown bear," State Trooper Brad Brown said. "They are territorial, and they like to protect their food."

The victims were Marcela Olga Trent, 77, and Larry Waldron, 45, both of Anchorage. Art Abel, 14, Trent's grandson and Waldron's nephew, was behind them and hid when he heard his grandmother scream, Brown said.

Rangers said it was the first fatal bear attack in the park's 25-year history.

Smith trial: No cameras

UNION, S.C. _ A judge has barred TV cameras from Susan Smith's trial on charges she drowned her two young sons.

Circuit Judge William Howard said small-town witnesses might be intimidated by the attention.

"There is an absolute likelihood that broadcast coverage in the courtroom would interfere with the due process of this trial and pose a risk to this case," he said.

The trial begins July 10.

No plants for inmates

MONTGOMERY, Ala. _ Prison Commissioner Ron Jones, who revived the use of chain gangs on Alabama roadsides, has ordered the removal of inmate-planted vegetable gardens at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women. Vegetable plants in pots also were tossed out.

"We have never allowed inmates in our prisons to have potted plants," Jones said Thursday. "Today it's tomatoes and tomorrow it's marijuana and God knows what else."

Jones said he is trying to make sure the prisons adhere to policy.

About 10 women held in the prison's HIV isolation unit and four on death row had been allowed to plant vegetables and flowers.

Flowering plants were allowed to remain.