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Have a safe fourth

There's nothing like a good firecracker story, unless you happen to be the one getting hurt. More than 50 percent of all fireworks-related injuries are to youths ages 14 and younger. Those injuries usually involve the hands/fingers, eyes or head and can sometimes result in amputations, blinding and even death. That's why it's extremely important you follow these guidelines:

Only adults should handle fireworks.

Always discuss safety procedures.

Read labels carefully and follow directions.

Never use fireworks indoors.

Spectators should be out of range before fireworks are lit.

Never aim or throw fireworks at another person.

Never place your face or your body over fireworks.

Never try to re-ignite fireworks that fail to go off.

Keep a bucket of water near.

Never carry fireworks on your person (in a pocket, purse, etc.)

_ Information provided by the Florida Suncoast SAFE KIDS Coalition, All Children's Hospital. For information call 892-4188