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it's barely summer and we're already BORED!!!

Are you already bored and looking for something to do with your spare time this summer? Here's what X-team member Tiffany Griffith lists as her top five summer activities.

1. The mall.

The mall is one of the best because year-round everyone chills out there, whether it's checking out the guys/girls or looking for a new wardrobe.

2. Movies.

There's always something out there that makes you laugh or cry.

3. Beach.

Everyone's working on their tan, surfing and swimming. It's where everyone likes to hang out, so you're bound to see a friend or two.

4. Theme parks.

When you're splashing your friends, falling down a five-story water slide and screaming on a roller coaster, you can't have more fun than that!

5. Camp or a job.

Joining a summer camp or finding a summer job is always good. You can meet new people and do all sorts of neat activities.