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Local drivers need to learn better habits

I have been holding back my disgust with the irresponsibility of local automobile drivers, but I have finally decided to speak out.

The final straw came while I was commuting through the detours on S Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater. Every day I had to avoid some driver breaking one traffic law or another.

I have come to realize that drivers have forgotten those basic rules that we were all tested on before we were granted driver's licenses. It seems to be a case of, "If nobody plays by the rules, why should I?"

Driving is a privilege, and all of us are responsible for good driving habits. If you think you remember the rules of the road, try picking out how many times they are broken on your next trip. Look for:

Running a stoplight.

Crossing multiple lanes of traffic when turning.

Improper signaling. (Signals should be made prior to turning, not halfway through.)

Here are items everybody should practice to be a safe driver:

Both hands on the wheel. (You'll never see Dale Earnhardt hanging his arm out the window.)

Wear your seatbelts. (It's the law.)

Turn on your headlights when it is raining (another law). Also use them at dusk and dawn.

Pull to the shoulder when an emergency vehicle approaches.

Give the right of way to people in crosswalks.

When turning right, turn into the right lane. When turning left, turn into the inside lane.

With a little effort, everyone can improve their driving habits. It's not that hard.

Kurt M. Klotz