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(Filings for March 13-17)

Maureen Finetti and Maureen McGrath vs. Rebecca J. Pierce, Budget Rent A Car Systems Inc., Allstate Insurance Company and Michael and Rose Timmins (auto negligence).

Gloria Rodriguez vs. Julian Rodriguez (child support).

Susan Raimo vs. Paul Ritchie (child support).

Crossland Mortgage Corp. vs. H. Curtis Skipper, Werner W. Llampe, Rebecca I. and James G. Ficocelli, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company of Pennsylvania and United States of America (foreclosure).

Wanda Maner vs. Clarence Roberts (child support).

Jeremiah Blake, James Blake and Katrina Blake vs. Inger Neilson Murphy (auto negligence).

MLA Inc. vs. Robert E. and Patricia L. Atkinson (foreclosure).

Black Jack Management Corporation and B J Gators Restaurant vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, J. C. Yant Insurance Agency Inc. and James C. Yant (contract and indebtedness).

Robert R. Mancuso Jr. vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, J. C. Yant Insurance Agency Inc. and James C. Yant (contract and indebtedness).

Robert A. Mancuso Sr. vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, J. C. Yant Insurance Agency Inc. and James C. Yant (contract and indebtedness).

Richard and Elizabeth Wadiak vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, J. C. Yant Insurance Agency Inc. and James C. Yant (contract and indebtedness).

Henry J. Marchell vs. Gerald C. Norman (foreclosure).

United States of America and Department of Housing and Urban Development vs. Kenneth M. and Roseanna M. Wood, Unknown Tenant(s)/Owners(s) and Sears Roebuck & Co. (foreclosure).

Kerri Lynn Herlihy vs. Jose Crutch (child support).

Household Realty Corp. vs. Panagiotes Karahalios, Pete Karahalios, Linda Jean Karahalios, Seminole Finance Corp., General Motors Acceptance Corp. and Unknown Tenant(s) (foreclosure).

The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB vs. Francis Wesley Gilmore, Ralph L. and Diana L. Capriola, Donna J. Caruthers, Gulf Solar Inc., John Doe and Jane Doe (foreclosure).

Kenneth F. Hall vs. Vicki Lynn Britton.

Bankers Trust Co. of California, NA vs. Douglas L. Ferris, Unknown Tenants, Unknown Spouse of Douglas L. Ferris, Louise E. Ferris and Unknown Spouse of Louise E. Ferris (foreclosure).

Marie and Vito Barbaro vs. Jenlin Inc. and Dunkin' Donuts (negligence).

Joseph A. Cucinotta vs. Margarete Rabe (auto negligence).

Skilcraft Construction of Hernando Inc. vs. Marie Martin and Business & Tax Solutions Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Mary Anne and Joseph Lavore vs. Tire Kingdom Inc. (negligence).

Willard P. and Mary F. Jenkins vs. Mary Edith and Stanford E. Taylor (foreclosure).

First Trust Corp., TTEE, F.B.O. Michael P. Flanagan, F.T.C. vs. Robin Lee Pfeiffer II (foreclosure).

Janet Boyd vs. James McMickle (child support).

Marylou Stackhouse vs. John Stackhouse (child support).

Samantha J. Rietveld vs. Charles B. Lee (child support).

Darla Purvis vs. Alan Purvis (child support).

The Prudential Home Mortgage Company Inc. vs. Jimmy W. Heintzelman, Tammy L. Graham and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).

Diane Angel vs. Francis Woodbury (child support).

Susan Paine vs. Robert Paine (child support).

Carol Flynn vs. John Flynn (child support).

Karen Meadows vs. Charles Meadows (child support).



Mary L. Welsh vs. Hasan B. Ghousheh.

John Asbury vs. Terri Asbury.

Charles A. McLaughlin vs. Adeline F. McLaughlin.

Denise Rebecca Revell vs. Joseph Nathen Revell.

Evelyn Garrity vs. George J. Garrity.

Marlene K. Robinson vs. Ronald E. Robinson.

Carl Edgar Pearson vs. Heidi Lyne Pearson.

John Ponella vs. Maria Elvia Ponella.

Robert N. Haas vs. Sarah Haas.

Eleanor D. Argust vs. James W. Reams.

Dawn Damiani vs. Matthew Damiani.

Michelle L. Johnson vs. Carl E. Johnson.

Michelle S. Lira vs. Kevin E. Lira.

Linda H. Gould vs. William T. Gould.

Dorothy Stetler vs. John Michael Stetler.

James Bikofsky vs. Rhonda Lee Bikofsky.

Paulette E. Heyder vs. Scott Lewis Heyder.

Barbara Suthard vs. Norris G. Suthard.


Christopher C. Sherman Sr. vs. Barbara Ann Sherman.

Claudette Cote vs. Richard Cote.

George K. Dwyer vs. Mary C. Dwyer.

Tami Lynn Mincevich vs. Timothy J. Mincevich.

Roxanne Taylor vs. William E. Taylor.

Susan M. Rains vs. Michael T. Rains.

Linda Gale Billings vs. Curtis Van Billings.

June F. Codner Kong Quee vs. Richard A. Codner Kong Quee.

Carrie Jo Vorreiter vs. Cary Allen Vorreiter.

Maria Balazs vs. Jozsef I. Balazs.

Alpha Conners Daniels vs. Joseph Daniels.

Garry Scott Rezendes vs. April Dawn Rezendes.



Edward Walter Withington and Maryjane Butzier, both of Spring Hill.

Andrew Allan Peterson and Petra Beckwith, both of Spring Hill.

Ruie Clen Bell of Headland, Ala., and Margaret Elizabeth Plott of Brooksville.

James Edwin Smith and Valerie Pederson, both of Spring Hill.

Robert Paul Salch and Jessica Marie Owen, both of Brooksville.

Donald Ray Sparks and Wendy Marlane Vanburen, both of Sumterville.

Thomas James Beetz and Kimberly Suzette Courts, both of Spring Hill.

Richard Houston Herring and Charlotte Elizabeth Smith, both of Brooksville.

Brian Lee Whited and Lori Jean Whitten, both of Spring Hill.

Thomas Alan Severeid and Helena Gaye Williams, both of Brooksville.

Randy Lynn Rubly and Cynthia Lois Hall, both of Brooksville.

James Robert Bettineschi and Kim Marie Bianculli, both of Spring Hill.

Richard Dale Smith and Patricia Anne Ferguson, both of Brooksville.

Ronald Elwood McQuinn and Kathy Ann Graham, both of Tampa.

Alfonso Morales and Myriam Adorno, both of Spring Hill.

Michael Lynn Wagner and Bettyjean Patterson, both of Brooksville.

Harry Edward Maher and Linda Jean Johnson, both of Brooksville.

Glenn Dean Olander Jr. and Leslie Jean Still, both of Brooksville.