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It may be time to go to court

In July 1994 I paid Barnes Produce in Alford $56.70 to ship a quarter bushel of grapefruit and a half bushel of oranges to my sister in Illinois.

My sister never got the fruit, so on July 26 I called John Barnes. He said to call back the next day. I did. He kept putting me off. Finally he said UPS was tracing the shipment and then said he would mail me a refund check.

On Aug. 4 he said he had sent the check to the wrong ZIP code. He would send a new check. In September, after being told I still did not have his check, he said he would mail a new one right away.

In October we sent him a certified letter. In November we asked for the name of his attorney _ no response. Then he said he had been in the hospital. In December, same excuses.

I think the people at Barnes have the mistaken idea that I will go away if they continue to ignore me. That is not the case. If necessary I will take them to court because I do not like to be cheated. Russell Shambrook

Response: I'm afraid we have run into a brick wall, too.

The receipt for our second, certified letter was signed in March by J.D. Barnes, but we got no response to it.

There is no phone listing in Alford for John Barnes or Barnes Produce. The number you gave us is no longer in service. Neither are the numbers for Barnes Grocery or Barnes Warehouse.

Looks like small claims court is your next step, if you can locate John Barnes.

Magazine subscription

The enclosed collection notice is false and is the first indication I received from Golf Digest that I placed a magazine order with them. If my name is on such an order, it is a forgery.

As for receiving the magazine, that isn't true, either. I have yet to receive one issue of Golf Digest.

I did return an offer from Golf Digest last September for two free booklets and a "risk-free" issue of the magazine, but I didn't get any booklets. Surely the publisher did not interpret this as an order for Golf Digest.

Can you straighten this out? Rutger Stromberg

Response: Glad to hear it has been taken care of.

By the way, that special offer promising you free booklets and a chance to win a sweepstakes contest said you were getting these gifts "just for trying Golf Digest."

Publishers make it very easy to try their magazines but when you try to cancel them you sometimes find that's not very easy to do.


Thank you for running interference regarding the defective padding in the armrests of my wheelchair.

Everest & Jennings sent me replacements with detachable arms enabling me to continue using them without pain or discomfort.

I hope the inferior product I got was the only one off the assembly line. Betty Whaler

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