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Woman may have escaped drug charges

In the hours before her death, Lorene Freeman reportedly was fearful police were chasing her and despondent over her recent arrest for possessing drug paraphernalia.

It is still unclear whether Miss Freeman's emotions, together with her use of alcohol and cocaine, caused her to asphyxiate on three small plastic bags lodged in her throat.

But one thing is clear: Miss Freeman didn't have much to worry about on the drug paraphernalia charge.

State prosecutors have decided not to file charges against two people law officers arrested with Miss Freeman when they raided her house, court records show.

They likely would have made the same decision in Miss Freeman's case.

Miss Freeman, 23, died May 20. Both the Citrus County Sheriff's Office and the Medical Examiner's Office have ruled her death an accident.

On May 17, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at the home at 2470 S Ringley Ter. where Miss Freeman lived with Daniel Grenville, records show. The officers found a smoking pipe with marijuana residue in a dresser in the master bedroom where Grenville and Miss Freeman slept.

Law officers arrested Grenville, Miss Freeman and Robert Boydell, who was carrying a small bag of cocaine in his pants pocket while standing in front of the house.

Authorities arrested Boydell for cocaine possession and took Grenville and Miss Freeman into custody for possessing drug paraphernalia. They added a charge of resisting arrest without violence against Grenville, who ran from law officers.

Miss Freeman died before Assistant State Attorney Daniel J. Romanello had a chance to review the cases.

Romanello said he decided not to prosecute Grenville because he would have difficulty proving Grenville had independent knowledge that the smoking pipe was in the dresser drawer.

The same problem would have confronted him in Miss Freeman's case. Since the possession charge was out, Romanello decided not to pursue the resisting charge.

Separately, prosecutors declined to file charges against Boydell. Under Florida law, a suspect in the yard cannot be searched under a warrant that covers only the house.