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Published Jul. 6, 2006

From newspapers of Sept. 20, 1945: In a farewell statement, War Secretary Henry Stimson warns America not to throw away its pre-eminent world position by shirking the burden of maintaining sufficient military strength. He says the atomic age is still in its infancy and cautions against "early and easy assumptions that the days of armies and navies are over." Trust and frankness are essential in America's attitude toward other nations working for peace in the world, Stimson says, adding that "cynicism and suspicion on our part can only breed a like response among those we suspect." William Joyce _ Lord Haw Haw of Nazi radio _ is found guilty of treason by a jury in London and is sentenced to death. Joyce had based his defense on the fact that he is an American citizen by birth; the judge ruled he owed allegiance to Britain because he used a British passport to leave Britain and enter Germany in 1939. Pan American Airlines and TWA announce they are buying Lockheed Constellations that will fly across the Atlantic in 11 hours. The present New York-London air fare of $572 is expected to drop sharply. In Hollywood, 17-year-old Shirley Temple marries Sgt. John Agar. Temple will live with her parents while she awaits her husband's release from the Army Air Forces.