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Published Jul. 6, 2006

From newspapers of Sept. 22, 1945: A Polish woman who survived the Nazi concentration camps describes how the Nazis methodically murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Testifying at the trial of 45 commanders and guards of the Belsen and Auschwitz camps, Dr. Ada Dimko says Jews were divided into two groups when they arrived at the camps. One group lived; the other died. The doomed were led into a room to undress. "Two SS men, wearing Red Cross bands, stood on either side of the doorway," Dr. Dimko says. "The victims were ushered into a second room. . . . There were sprays all over the ceiling, like shower bath sprays in a row. Upon entering everyone was given a towel and a bar of soap as though for a bath. But the floor contained no drains. Those showers sprayed gas instead of water." Dr. Dimko's family _ "my father, mother, brother, sister and 6-year-old son" _ were killed on arrival at Auschwitz. The doctor was selected to work in the camp's hospital and was later sent to Belsen. Gen. Douglas MacArthur tells Hugh Baillie of the United Press that Japan will never again become a world power. He denies that he is administering a "soft peace" in Japan: "Her punishment for her sins, which is just beginning, will be long and bitter."